An Atlantic island in winter.

IMG_6219IMG_6285IMG_7126 IMG_6523 IMG_6590 IMG_6649 IMG_6684a IMG_6703 IMG_6735 IMG_6761 IMG_6915 IMG_6954 IMG_7008 IMG_7158

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47 thoughts on “An Atlantic island in winter.

  1. Gorgeous photos. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any photos of Madeira before. Your post led me to google so I could find this lovely island on a map. Until now, I only thought of wine when I heard of Madeira. Now I will think of your lovely photos.

  2. Oh! I know this place – beautiful island madeira, portugal. I alwas remember Madeira, seatting at home in Saint-Petersburg, where is very cold. And those fish – they are in tropical garden. Very nice pictures!

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This is some stunning work from Dominic Stafford Photography. Enjoy the views.

  4. This post wins the Ashlee Craft Awesome Post Award! I have reblogged it to the home of this award, I love these photos, particularly the green misty hills and the buildings.

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