Present Pailin.

by Dominic Stafford

Pailin is a rural town in Cambodia’s far west, infamously known for being a Khmer Rouge stronghold up until the late 90’s. A long journey from the next town, it remains quite isolated from the rest of Cambodia, surviving more off Thai imports rather than Cambodian goods. At present, the town has a feeling of new wealth, however in the surrounding area, families are still living along side deadly mine fields. De-mining organisations are at work on sites outside town, and will be for several more years – this was, and still is, one of the most heavily mined regions in the world. More bad news has recently put Pailin in the world’s eyes once again. A strain of malaria resistant to treatment was discovered here in 2009, causing the WHO to panic.

Pailin still is the wild west of Cambodia.