transit trips through Thailand.

by Dominic Stafford



I first took the route from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet in 2009. I couldn’t resist a 6 hour journey through the breezy countryside of eastern Thailand, for just 48 Baht. In the heat of mid-day the journey comes to its end, 10 minutes tuk-tuk drive from the border checkpoint with Cambodia. I have heard of nightmare delays but my many experiences have been fine. The only part of Bangkok I am really familiar with is the limited area around Hualampong Station, and the longest I have ever spent in this fascinating capital city is 48 hours. I spend most of my time in Thailand solely in transit and have never left the white line on the map above (Google Earth, 2015). I long for the day that I can grab my bag and jump off the train at one of the quaint stations half way through the journey.

The train DOES stop at Lat Krabang station servicing Suvarnabhumi international airport, but if you’ve just arrived after a sleepless long-haul flight, I doubt that this train journey would be immediately enjoyable.

The line is changing rapidly now, and as of July 2015 I saw major works all along. The old noisy bridges will soon be a thing of the past. I would assume this is preparation for ASEAN integration.

Here are just a few of my shots from over the last few years.