#refugeecrisis | instagram

by Dominic Stafford

This isn’t an opinion piece. There is what is described as an unprecedented amount of refugees streaming into Europe at the moment. On the ground it is being documented by men and women behind the lens. Below are a few photographers on Instagram, covering what is now known as Europe’s refugee crisis.insta_refugees Patrick Witty (@patrickwitty) captured arrivals on the east coast of the island of Lesbos. Emotions are running high in every image, as groups of asylum seekers make it to the shores of the EU.

insta_refugees2Muhammad Muheisen (@mmuheisen) is capturing those further along the journey, at the Austrian border. His images give the feeling of mid-journey. Determination is clear with the young man carrying a baby – he knows what he wants.

insta_refugees3John Radcliffe (@foreignerdigital) has been focusing on the crossing between Libya and Italy. He captured what was left behind by asylum seekers on the move, on the island of Lampedusa, half way between both states.insta_refugees4Robert Pennington (@picturesverite) posts some up-close portraits of some who are making the journey. He is situated close to the Hungarian border. Fatigue can be seen in most of his images.