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Kompong Phluk.

Had been right down to the Tonle Sap, and coming back up Kompong Phluk looked awesome in the afternoon light. I couldn’t resist stopping to capture this scene.IMG_8274


141km from Siem Reap, 171km from Phnom Penh

141km from Siem Reap and 171km from Phnom Penh, Kompong Thom is a small town on the River Sen. It is a place of little excitement but ticks all the sights of a Cambodian provincial capital: The Honda dealership, the big ACLEDA bank, and the quiet Ministry of Industry, Mining and Energy. Like many towns in Cambodia, Kompong Thom feels like it should be on the up but is not, or was on the up and then stopped.

The following images were taken within 24 hours of each other.
IMG_8337A young girl helps her father load their small boat, ready for an afternoon of fishing on the swollen River Sen.IMG_8349An unfinished pagoda building stands in front of the main structure, on the flood plain.IMG_8376 A group of farmers from a distant province rest in their truck full of bananas to be sold at Kompong Thom market.IMG_8398 Afternoon activity on one of the many backstreets coming off Route 6.IMG_8418a A shop owner, still in his home attire, braves the mid-day heat.IMG_8410One of many vendors selling fresh sugar cane juice in front of the market, for 500 Riel a bag.
IMG_8325Food vendors set up stall in front of the market for most of the night.
IMG_8420 Two mannequins stand silently in a clothes store opposite Kompong Thom market.IMG_8444A row of shop-fronts in the centre of town, indistinguishable from any other town in Cambodia.IMG_8446The old and new crossings into Kompong Thom.IMG_8433Well known among the locals, she runs this ferry every morning without fail, for 500 Riel a crossing.IMG_8438A woman takes the local ferry home from the market with provisions for the next day or two.
IMG_8449To escape the heat of the afternoon, a boy braves the drop from the old bridge, into the River Sen.


I first took the route from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet in 2009. I couldn’t resist a 6 hour journey through the breezy countryside of eastern Thailand, for just 48 Baht. In the heat of mid-day the journey comes to its end, 10 minutes tuk-tuk drive from the border checkpoint with Cambodia. I have heard of nightmare […]


So it’s been an age since my last post – close to a year. It’s also been a long time since I left Cambodia, now. The nostalgia is difficult occasionally. Something is dragging me back.

“Cambodia is a dangerous place…”, a former US ambassador said, “It’ll take your heart, and it’ll break it.” It went something like that, anyway.

A visiting friend once said to me, “It’s like Narnia – you’ve stepped through the cupboard and you’re now in this other world.”

I have been looking through some images tonight. This very mixed bunch of shots are what I’m feeling right now. Almost all unpublished before.IMG_1754 IMG_1978 IMG_2607 IMG_2626 IMG_3101 IMG_3730 IMG_3824

Battambang revisited.

Battambang is always a place to go to see traditional Cambodia. This morning was no exception.
IMG_3911 IMG_3951 IMG_3963

VSCO anyone?

I have very recently been getting into the VSCO app. I enjoy using my phone to capture what’s around me so I’m glad I’ve finally stumbled across this. Below are two shots from the weekend processed using VSCO.

Find me HERE!Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

the fish trade.

Late in the afternoon in the stilted town of Kompong Khleang, fish are still being sold where the edge of the rising Tonle Sap meets land. It looks a shambles but is actually a fairly organised system. The boat will have already been anchored out on the lake and acting as a middle-man. These five shots show the next transaction once back on dry land. Off to the evening market.

The light wasn’t great, and there was a lot of splashing, so I’m not overly happy, but why not share!IMG_01 IMG_02 IMG_03 IMG_04 IMG_05

recent exposure with Word magazine.

I sent some of my Wat Bo work across to Hanoi based Word magazine. In response I was sent questions. I like the way it has been written by Nick the editor.
Tech Savvy Monks Word Vietnam August 2014___Flat Plan__28-07-page-0

something and nothing.

I sometimes feel the need to post on my blog. Today is one of those times.

In the UK we have a ‘man with a van’, but in Cambodia they have a ‘man with a motorbike and a huge trailer’! Here are some of those useful men waiting about for custom.IMG_3380

Siem Reap today, two different angles.

Managed to see the surrounding lands from the ground and from above in one afternoon. Not the busiest of afternoons, but enough going on. It’s a beautiful time of year, with the Tonle Sap lake rising to the south, and the fields filling up to the north.IMG_3397IMG_3409IMG_3527IMG_3473IMG_3590IMG_3435